Modris Apse will assist EU’s BEREC Office in expanding its Electronic Communication capabilities

Modris Apse is joining the team of European Union’s Electronic Communication Agency BEREC Office and will provide professional and innovative IT assistance to enable BEREC efficiency to improve Electronic Communications market in a changing environment even at more faster pace for the benefit of Europe and its citizens.

Modris Apse is known for his work and Education, Space & Information and Communication Technology expertise at Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, Riga State Technical School, various private companies and is leading IT, communication and business development policy plannings for media.

Modris Apse Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia
Modris Apse at the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia

“I am highly honoured to share my expertise in Information Technology with the BEREC office.

I also look forward to supporting expansion of videoconferencing technology.

It humanizes conversations and often-misinterpreted thoughts and hugely benefits communication and collaboration for organizations of all sizes in almost every industries like education, medicine, financing and even military. At this stage I think all public institutions should acknowledge power of it as fast as they can and implement it both internally and externally to their subordinate authorities.

Just imagine how you can transform, for example, education with this technology. If implemented correctly, anywhere and anyone can connect and collaborate their ideas right away. Institutions and governments can communicate their policies in minutes. People are comfortable and informed to matters.

It is a beautiful world to live in.“, says Modris.

The BEREC Office is an EU Agency that provides efficient and timely support to BEREC for the achievement of its objectives – devoted to the development of the European Electronic Communications eco-system.

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